Upgrade your learning spaces with Faculty Furniture from Encore Prime – where comfort meets creativity for an inspiring educational experience.

Better tools, more productive staff

Encore Prime exceptional range of education furniture designed to enhance the learning experience. The Faculty collection combines functionality,robustness , and aesthetic appeal, providing educators and students with an inspiring environment for growth. Crafted with precision, each piece in this versatile line is thoughtfully engineered to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity. From sleek desks and ergonomic chairs to modular storage solutions,our products boast a seamless blend of modernity and elegance. With its creative design, ergonomic features, and superior craftsmanship, Faculty furniture empowers educational institutions to create spaces that promote engagement, comfort, and academic excellence.

Faculty Product Lineup

Executive Chairs

Sofa Seatings

Office Chairs

High Back EEC 570

High Back EEC 580

High Back EEC 590

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