Environment Sustainability

We care for our Planet

In an era increasingly focused on sustainability, we recognize its significance in the business world. At our core, we embrace the principles of environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and economic viability. By integrating sustainability into our operations, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, promote social equity, and ensure long-term business success.

Through thoughtful practices, we aim to reduce waste, conserve resources, and adopt renewable energy sources. We actively seek eco-friendly alternatives, innovate sustainable production methods, and implement efficient supply chain systems to minimize environmental impact. Our commitment extends beyond internal operations; we collaborate with suppliers, customers, and stakeholders to foster a culture of sustainability throughout our business ecosystem.

We at Encore Design and manufacture with process and use raw materials that helps reduce climatic change and promote sustainable practices across our company.

  • We plant more trees with every order we receive to give back to nature.
  • We keep a track of overall carbon footprint.
  • We control the usage of emission norms.
  • We use Green certified products.
  • We use Griha rated products.
  • Ohsas 18001 Certification.

We care for our People

We acknowledge the importance of social responsibility. We prioritize fair labor practices, ethical sourcing, and the well-being of our employees and communities. By fostering diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities, we create an environment where everyone can thrive. We invest in community initiatives, support local causes, and engage in philanthropic efforts to make a positive difference in society.

We embrace the challenge of finding sustainable solutions, as it spurs creativity and drives business competitiveness. By anticipating future trends and adapting to evolving consumer preferences, we ensure our products and services align with sustainable values, enabling us to remain at the forefront of the market.

We at Encore impact the lives of the people to grow as a community, for them to learn and grow.

  • We create systematic learning programs.
  • We Promote Equal Opportunity – Women fill nearly  2/3 Of the  workforce of the position of the main staff.
  • We promote diversity on Hiring from Different regions.
  • We promote Skill based training through out the career.
  • We follow best practices to promote our vendors and client equally.