Encore Prime Power management

Encore Prime’s power management accessories offer efficient solutions for workplace furniture. With advanced features like integrated outlets, USB ports, and cable management, our accessories provide convenient access to power and streamline cable organization. Enhance productivity and functionality in your workspace with Encore Prime’s power management accessories.

Advantages of #Power Management

#Bespoke Designs

To give you furniture that stands out from the competition, we only choose the best materials, to make fantastic goods that amaze your mind..

#Responsibly Sourced

Our furniture is expertly built from premium components. Our products are carefully and ethically obtained, we guarantee. We take great pride in supplying goods to customers who appreciate what we do to maintain a healthy environment and society in their homes and places of business.


When thinking about purchasing an Conference and meeting table online, one can have concerns about the product’s quality and safety. You can feel secure knowing that Encore prime offers a large selection of excellent Conference and meeting table that have passed safety testing and certification.

#Edges with a Smooth Finish

Our furniture is made with modern and contemporary designs. Edge banding is something that’s popular in present-day furniture design. Way back, the only advantage that edge banding had was that it protected the wood from damage and for protection.

Find the Perfect chair as per your need

Finding the ideal table is crucial for a comfortable and successful workplace. Make sure the table in the office, outdoor or at home are doing their best to boost productivity. If you need assistance choosing one, email us or contact us and we’ll assist you.