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Just 30 kilometres from India’s capital, Gurgaon is a hub of economic and industrial activity. It is also home to a young workforce who want to enjoy the best things their money can buy. Like furniture. The citizens of Gurgaon love their furniture. It is a sign of having arrived in life when you have furniture that is sleek and sophisticated. Having fancy furniture in Gurgaon is like owning a fancy car — it matters. Whether you buy wooden furniture in Gurgaon or furniture of some other material, functionality and style are all that matter. Buying furniture for home in Gurgaon used to involve hiring a local carpenter and getting it custom-made. Not anymore. The people of Gurgaon now buy their status-enhancing furniture online at Urban Ladder


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Your Search for the Ideal Furniture Store in Gurgaon Ends with Encore Prime

Buying a new home or even redecorating an old one is a headache. It requires a lot of thoughtful planning and investment. Gurgaon is a very fast city where life does not give you much time to settle down before your job starts taking up all of your time. For that reason, it surely is important for you to find the furniture shops in Gurgaon that can make the process of furnishing your home fast and easy. Encore Prime can help you with that to the best effect. We understand that the whole process of decorating your own space is quite difficult. So, we have brought together everything that you need for your home in one place. Our furniture stores in Gurgaon make the process of shopping simple for you. We currently own seven Encore Prime in Gurgaon. 

What makes Encore Prime the perfect furniture studio?

There are many reasons why we can claim with confidence that Encore Prime is the best among all the furniture stores in Gurgaon. Our studios offer a huge range of services that take care of your every need regarding furnishing your house. We start with the planning of how to best utilize the space you have. Our team of expert interior designers and architects can help you with that. Once we understand the space, the team can then help you with suggestions about what kind of furniture can be the best fitting for your home. The next step for you is to get a feel of the furniture we have in our stores. You can visit any of our studios and check out our varied collection of furniture and accessories. We will help you pick the best ones. Our furniture shops in Gurgaon are dedicated to providing you with the best quality products. Your home deserves only the best and, at Encore Prime, we only offer you the best. Our team of experienced designers can guide you to understand what material and design of furniture are best for you.

The products we offer you in Gurgaon

Our furniture shops in Gurgaon have the best range of products for every room in your home. For your bedroom, you first need to buy a Product. It needs to be comfortable and must be placed in line with the setting of the room. We, at Encore Prime, offer them in different materials and designs to make sure that you find what you need. You also need a bedside table with storage facility. It should match with the bed too. We also offer Seatings and tabletop decors to go with that. The next thing you need for the bedroom is a wardrobe for storage. We, at Encore Prime, offer a huge selection of storage units to pick from. Once you are done with the bedroom, the next section to check in our furniture stores in Gurgaon is the drawing room furniture. You need attractive and welcoming sitting arrangements. For that, we offer the best collection of sofas, chairs, bean bags, and a lot more. You also need a coffee table, workstation, storages, and more. We have all of them in store for you in the Encore Prime Studios in Gurgaon.

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